zondag 20 februari 2011

「Jane Norman & Trine ~☆ 」

Let me tell you something of my favorite brand all times; Jane Norman. (≧∇≦)/
It's a brand from london, and you can buy it at some V&D warehouses from what I know.
Here are some of my faves ;

You can visit the JaneNorman site or V&D for the collection ;D

Now moving on to a game that really got my interest. How? Mostly of the graphics, and the puzzle pleasure. I fall for games like that!
I gave this game to my boyfriend on his B-day. And he is currently playing it n.n, But I think I'm going to steal it from him for a small time haha.. Anyway I'm talking about;


It's an adventure/puzzle game with a nice fantasy story in it about a Thief, a Wizard and a Knight, who's souls are combined by the so called Trine. You play all 3 in one, and you can change any moment you want in one of the 3 characters (unless one died ofcourse..) Also, you play it Mario Style(Side Scroll). (´>ω>)

As I said, the graphics/visuals are stunning! It's definitly one of the prettiest games I've ever seen.
Amazing lightning, backgrounds, and they sure made use of the foreground as well.

For the future, I've heard there is going to come a Trine2 very soon, So I'm waiting patiently for it to come out! I'm sure that one will rock just as hard as 1 did!! (^▽^-)

Trine2 Trailer;

Xx Kasumi❤

P.S.: I try to post in English, but my grammar fails. So please do not take it serious. Thank you~!!

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